Gerhard Welter

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Gerhard Welter (born December 16, 1907 , † September 16, 1989 in Hanover ) was a German numismatist and author of today's standard work on the coins of the Guelphs ( "the Welter" , "We." ).

Gerhard Welter's main job was a businessman in an office machine company. Privately, he has been concerned with coin studies and monetary history from an early age; he soon turned to the coins of the Guelph House lines and became their best connoisseur of his time.

He summarized his knowledge in the work The Coins of the Welfs since Heinrich the Lion , the first volume of which appeared in 1971 and represents the actual body work . The second volume from 1973 contains the table section as well as dynastic and heraldic explanations. The third volume from 1978 became a complete supplementary volume with synoptic-dynastic overviews, mint master and mint master mark overviews, supplementary part, representations of the coin and currency relations, curriculum vitae of the Guelph princes since 1700 and other information.


  • The cleaning and preservation of coins and medals. Self-published, Hanover 1965 (from the 3rd edition: Klinkhardt & Biermann, Braunschweig).
  • The coins of the Guelphs since Henry the Lion. With synoptic plates and mintmaster's mark. 3 volumes, Klinkhardt & Biermann, Braunschweig 1971–1978.

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