Germania Wuppertal

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Germania Wuppertal
Full name Sports club Germania 07
Wuppertal eV
place Wuppertal , North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded 1907
Dissolved 1976
Club colors black yellow
Stadion Nevigeser Strasse
Top league Lower Rhine regional league
successes Promotion to the Lower Rhine Regional League in 1954

Germania Wuppertal (officially: Sportverein Germania 07 Wuppertal eV ) was a sports club from Wuppertal . The first soccer team played for two years in the highest amateur league in the Lower Rhine region.


The club was founded in 1907 as SV Athen Elberfeld . Six years later this merged with Teutonia Elberfeld and Britannia Elberfeld to form BV Germania Elberfeld . This club was renamed SV Germania Elberfeld in 1919 and finally SV Germania Wuppertal in 1936.

In 1920, Germania rose to the then first-class mountain district league , but had to return to the second highest division in the following season after a league reform. The return to the top division, now known as the first district class Berg / Mark , was achieved in 1926 after a 3-2 play-off win over Schwarz-Weiß Barmen . After only one year, the direct relegation followed before the team in 1930 for the third time could rise to the top class. In the promotion season 1930/31 , Germania reached third place.

Two years later, the team missed the qualification for the newly created Gauliga Niederrhein and continued to play in the second-rate district class. After the end of the Second World War , Germania played in the Berg / Mark district class from 1946 , where the team became a top team in the 1950s. After several third places, he was finally promoted to the state league in 1954 , the highest amateur league on the Lower Rhine at the time. After a sixth place in the promotion season, the qualification for the newly created Association League Niederrhein was missed a year later . 1957 followed the descent into the district class. In the following years the Germania did not get beyond the district class and merged in 1976 with VfL Wuppertal 12 to form SV Borussia Wuppertal .


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