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Health Sciences ( English Health Sciences ) are "an ensemble of scientific disciplines which are directed to a common subject matter, namely, the analysis of determinants and gradient of health and disease processes and the derivation of appropriate care structures and their systematic evaluation in terms of efficiency." Core of The health sciences are interested in improving the health of the population through prevention and health promotion .

The use of the plural indicates the interdisciplinarity and, through the use of the word part “-science”, in contrast to public health , the scientific character of this area. Certain sub-disciplines of medicine are also part of the health sciences , insofar as their interest in knowledge lies within the subject area of ​​the health sciences.


Institutionalization in Germany began in 1994 at Bielefeld University with the establishment of the "Faculty of Health Sciences / School of Public Health". Klaus Hurrelmann was the founding dean.


Based on the definition of health of the World Health Organization , the health sciences deal with the physical, psychological and social conditions of health and illness and their systemic connection. They are theoretically, empirically and application-oriented. Conceptual approaches to public health relate to the “micro, meso and macro levels of society” (cf. Hurrelmann 2010, Mann, 1996). In this multi-level view, not only the person is in the foreground, but the health status of people and population groups or of society and the corresponding repercussions on the person.

Study of health sciences

The health sciences are an independent discipline, but in the course of the new licensing regulations they are also taught at medical faculties.

Since 1994, Bielefeld University has developed three courses of study (at Bachelor, Master and Doctor level) at what was initially the only independent Faculty for Health Sciences in Germany , and these are consecutively structured according to international models. A further three courses are located in the continuing education segment, specifically in the areas of Epidemiology (MSE), Health Administration (MHA) and Workplace Health Management (MWHM).

The following internationally recognized academic degrees can be obtained:

  • Bachelor of Health Communication
  • Dr. PH (Doctor of Public Health), Dr. sc. hum. (Doctor of Human Sciences)

The University of Maastricht in the Netherlands has had a Faculty of Health Sciences for 25 years , which cooperates with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Bielefeld University as part of international student exchanges. In addition to a bachelor's degree with several specializations and a bachelor's degree in European Public Health , the university offers nine master's programs in public health. Since 2007 the private university for health sciences, medical informatics and technology in Tyrol has been offering bachelor, master and doctoral programs in public health.

In Switzerland, the Institute for Health Sciences at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has also been offering a bachelor's degree in health promotion and prevention since 2016 .

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