Geumgwan Gaya

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Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 금관 가야
Hanja : 金 官 伽 倻
Revised Romanization : Geumgwan Gaya
McCune-Reischauer : Kŭmgwan Kaya
Location of Geumgwan Gaya (orange)

Geumgwan Gaya , also called Pon Gaya or Bongaya ( 본 가야 , 本 伽 倻 , translated "original Gaya"), was a small kingdom in the southeast of the Korean Peninsula , with the capital in Gimhae .

Geumgwan Gaya was one of the federation states of Gaya and for a long time held a leading position within Gaya, because Geumgwan Gaya had many iron ore deposits on its territory and high iron processing capacities, which enabled income from iron trade and arms production.

In the 6th century , more precisely in 532, Geumgwan Gaya was conquered by Silla and Daegaya took over the leadership in the remaining part of the Gaya Federation, which was completely conquered by Silla in 562.

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