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The water course number ( GWLNR , French numéro du cours d'eau , Italian numero del corso d'acqua ) is an identifier that is used to number all water bodies in Switzerland . The topic water (formerly the Swiss water information system , GEWISS for short) of the Federal Office for the Environment serves as the central information system .


The following table provides information about the structure of the water course number based on the example AG0034220003 :

Attribute name description Range of values example
LINST Structuring authority CH : Cantonal waters
AG , AI , ..., ZH : Canton
(empty): Abroad
SECURITY NO GEWISS / identification number 1 - 769999 ( number block assigned per canton) 003422
BARREL NO Run number 0 : Main waters
> 0 : tributaries , small lakes or lake islands
-1 : without addressing
999 : sea axes

The GEWISS number, also known on the online map of the Swiss waterway network, corresponds to the German waterway code . In addition to this system that has been established for the Confederation as a whole, each individual canton can also have its own code.

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  2. Structuring and addressing of the waterway network ( Memento of May 28, 2016 in the Internet Archive ) (PDF; 752 kB), Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).
  3. Interactive map of the Swiss waterway network, Vektor25 By clicking on individual waterway sections , you get the GEWISS no. of the entire body of water and the length of each section. With small scales it is easy to call up the data records for several sections and inlets, only with large scales the display becomes clear. The map also offers measurement functions: lengths, areas, height profiles. The stationing is not yet displayed.