Giovanni Battista Buonamente

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Giovanni Battista Buonamente (* around 1595 in Mantua ; † August 29, 1642 in Assisi ) was an Italian composer and violinist .


Giovanni Buonamente was a Catholic priest and a member of the Franciscan Order , he was in the service of the Gonzaga princely family in Mantua until around 1622 . In the early years of this employment, he was likely under the influence of Salamone Rossi and Claudio Monteverdi . Between 1626 and 1630 he was an imperial chamber musician and composer in the Vienna court orchestra . In 1627 he worked at the coronation celebrations for Ferdinand III. in Prague with. In 1632 he worked as a violinist for a year at the Church of Madonna della Steccata in Parma . In 1633 he became Kapellmeister in Assisi , where he worked until his death.

His around 160 sacred works have been lost, several of his sonatas, for one and more string instruments, have been preserved. His early works are still in the tradition of Giovanni Gabrieli , later he used a violin style adopted from Austria .


  • Il quarto libro de varie de sonate, symphony, gagliarde, corrente, e brandi per sonar con due violini & un basso di viola (Venice, 1626)
  • Il quinto libro de varie sonata, symphony, gagliarde, corrente, e ariette per sonar con due violini & un basso di viola (Venice, 1629)
  • Il sesto libro di sonate et canzoni ... (Venice 1636)
  • Il settimo libro di sonata, symphony ... (Venice, 1637)


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