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GnuCash on Ubuntu
Basic data

developer GnuCash community
Publishing year 1997
Current  version 4.1
operating system GNU / Linux , Android and other unixoid systems with GTK + ,
Windows , macOS
programming language C , Scheme
category Financial software
License GPL
German speaking Yes

GnuCash is a free software for bookkeeping for individuals and small businesses. As part of the GNU project , it was placed under the GPL . A graphical user interface ( GTK + ) allows the creation and tracking of various bank accounts and securities accounts .

GnuCash supports the double-entry bookkeeping principle and the HBCI standard for electronic banking , both with PIN / TAN procedures, floppy disks and with a card reader .

GnuCash was developed for GNU / Linux and other Unixoid systems and from version 2.2 can also be used under Windows and macOS . Another special feature is the pure fixed point arithmetic available from version 1.6 to avoid loss of precision caused by floating point arithmetic and the resulting rounding errors.

GnuCash supports the QIF format for data import and export .

In Gnucash 2.6 the PDF export and the evaluation with diagrams and reports have been greatly improved. With version 2.6.21 this branch is finished.

With Gnucash for Android, data on tablets or mobile phones can be prepared for the desktop version. The app is available in the Google Play Store and directly as a. apk file from GitHub .

With version 3.0 GTK + 3 (minimum 3.14) is introduced as the basis of the GUI in Linux. Windows 7 and MacOSX 10.9 are further new minima in the supported systems.

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