Gordon Setter

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Gordon Setter
Gordon Setter
FCI Standard No. 6
2.2 Setters
Origin :

Great Britain

Withers height:

Male 66 cm
female 62 cm


Male 29.5 kg
female 25.5 kg

List of domestic dogs

The Gordon Setter is an FCI recognized British dog breed ( FCI Group 7, Section 2.2, Standard No. 6 ).

Gordon setter head


The breed has its origins in pointing dogs , which were mainly used in Scotland in hunting and were therefore called Scottish Setters . Around the middle of the 19th century, breeders had developed a stable type of these dogs and the basis of today's pedigree dog was created. In 1924 the breed was named Gordon Setter by the British Kennel Club after the breeder Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon ( Banffshire ).


This setter is a hunting dog up to 66 cm tall and weighing up to 29.5 kg . The fur is of a deep glossy cabbage black, without a rust shimmer, with a chestnut red, i. H. glowing fire . The hair is straight and without curls or waves on any other part of the body, the fringes on the stomach can continue to the chest and neck. The dogs' ears are medium-sized and thin, set low and close to the head.


Although the English setter is more popular in England, the Gordon setter is also used by many hunters. The Gordon Setter can be used well as a pointing dog on the flat and in hilly terrain, also retrieves reliably from the water, and is suitable for snipe hunting in the forest , he is a courageous hunting dog and a good watchdog in the house .

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