Gotzelo II. (Lower Lorraine)

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Gotzelo II. , Also Gozelo II. (* 1008 ; † 1046 unsecured) was Duke of Lower Lorraine from the House of Verdun from 1044 to 1046 .

Little is known about the second son of Duke Gotzelo I of Lower Lorraine because of his brief reign. What is certain is that in 1044, after the death of his father, who was also Duke of Upper Lorraine , he succeeded him in Lower and Upper Lorraine. The German King Heinrich III. preferred Gotzelo to his older brother Gottfried in the succession, although according to contemporary reports Gotzelo II was considered incompetent, possibly even mentally ill, and Gottfried had been co-regent in Lower Lorraine for years and claimed all of Lorraine . In 1046 the Duchy of Lower Lorraine was given by the king to Frederick of Luxembourg . The king thus again overrode Gottfried's claims to all of Lorraine. For Upper Lorraine, Gotzelo's brother Gottfried is named as Duke at this time. One variant assumes that Gotzelo II could have died at this point in time. Another variant says that Gotzelo II. Because of inability of King Henry III. was discontinued. The death of Gotzelo II in 1046 is therefore not reliably proven.

predecessor Office successor
Gotzelo I. Duke of Lower Lorraine
Frederick II of Luxembourg