Upper Lorraine

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Upper Lorraine in the Holy Roman Empire around 1000

Upper Lorraine ( Latin Lotharingia superior , French Haute-Lotharingie ) was the southern half of the Duchy of Lorraine in the High Middle Ages .

1044 was Emperor Heinrich III. unwilling to enfeoff Duke Gottfried the Bearded with more than the southern half of the country.

This southern half originally comprised what is now the French region of Lorraine , the Saar , the west of the later Palatinate near Rhine around Zweibrücken and Pirmasens ,the county of Luxembourg , the Moselle from Trier to Koblenz and the southern Eifel around Prüm . Later Luxembourg, the southern Eifel and the German Moselle were separated and also added to Lower Lorraine .

In the course of the decline of the duchies and the formation of territorial rulers , the term Lorraine was reduced to its current spatial scope.

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