Grand Fleet

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Grand Fleet ( German Great Fleet ) is the name of the British Home Fleet, which was renamed during the First World War . She was initially commanded by Admiral John Jellicoe . Admiral David Beatty succeeded him in 1917 .

The Grand Fleet only took part in one major naval battle, the Skagerrak Battle . More British than German ships were sunk. Nevertheless, so many ships in the German deep-sea fleet were damaged that it was unable to sail for several months. British control of the North Sea was assured for the remainder of the war.

In the course of the Invergordon mutiny of September 15-16, 1931 , which broke out on some ships of the Atlantic Fleet , the successor to the Grand Fleet , it was decided in 1932 to rename the Atlantic Fleet back to Home Fleet in order to avoid the stigma of the mutiny in Get rid of the Atlantic Fleet.


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