Large stone grave Rothenstein

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Large stone grave Rothenstein
Large stone grave Rothenstein (Schleswig-Holstein)
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Coordinates 54 ° 25 '59.5 "  N , 9 ° 54' 52.4"  E Coordinates: 54 ° 25 '59.5 "  N , 9 ° 54' 52.4"  E
place Neudorf-Bornstein OT Rothenstein , Schleswig-Holstein , Germany
Emergence 3500 to 2800 BC Chr.
Sprockhoff no. 98

The large stone grave Rothenstein is a megalithic grave complex of the Neolithic funnel cup culture near Rothenstein , a district of Neudorf-Bornstein in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district in Schleswig-Holstein . It bears the Sprockhoff number 98.


The grave is located in a field west-southwest of Rothenstein. It can be reached via a dirt road. There are numerous other large stone graves in the vicinity : 1.5 km to the northwest are the large stone graves near Altenhof , 1.6 km north-northeast the large stone graves near Behrensbrook and 1.7 km north-northwest the converted large stone grave Hohenkamp . 1.1 km east-northeast were the destroyed megalithic graves near Neudorf-Bornstein .


The complex has an only partially preserved burial chamber , probably oriented northeast-southwest . One wall stone on the north-western and two on the south-eastern long side, the north-eastern end stone and a cap stone are still preserved. The capstone has several bowls on its upper side . It has a length of 2.5 m, a width of 2 m and a thickness of 1.4 m. The southwest part of the chamber is missing. Its original dimensions and the exact type can therefore not be determined with certainty.


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