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Belgian shepherd dog
FCI Standard No. 15
Origin :


Withers height:

Males: 62 cm.
Bitches: 58 cm.
−2 cm / + 4 cm


Males 25–30 kg,
bitches 20–25 kg

Varieties :

here: Groenendael

List of domestic dogs

The Groenendael (pronounced Grunendaal , the G is pronounced like the Ch in Da ch ) is a variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog , which is a Belgian breed recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 1, Section 1, Standard No. 15 ).

Like all varieties of the Belgian Shepherd, this type is mainly used as a protection and family dog .

Although the Belgian Shepherds are a common breed , crossbreeding of the different varieties is prohibited according to FCI guidelines. In special cases, the national breeding associations can grant exceptions.

Breed specific diseases

The Groenendael is particularly affected by epilepsy . While a prevalence of 0.5 to 1 percent is assumed in the dog population overall , a prevalence of 9.5 percent has been described for the Groendael and 33 percent in a large affected family. Affected dogs should be excluded from breeding, as the Belgian Shepherd Dog has a strong genetic predisposition. Epilepsy was specified as the leading cause of death in Belgian Shepherds in a study, but it did not significantly reduce the dog's lifespan.

Individual evidence

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