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Belgian shepherd dog
FCI Standard No. 15
Origin :


Withers height:

Males: 62 cm.
Bitches: 58 cm.
−2 cm / + 4 cm


Males 25–30 kg,
bitches 20–25 kg

Varieties :

here: Laekenois

List of domestic dogs

The Laekenois is the wire -haired variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog , a Belgian breed recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 1, Section 1, Standard No. 15 ).

He is the rarest representative of this breed, but is in no way inferior to the other varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog, especially the Malinois , in terms of enthusiasm for work, docility and aptitude for sport and service.

As much as the Belgian Shepherds differ in terms of their fur, they are uniform in all other characteristics such as body structure, typical behavior and character.

Like the three other coat variants Groenendael , Malinois and Tervueren , the Laekenois is mainly kept as a protection and family dog . Except for the fur and its color, the variants hardly differ. Although they all form a common breed , the varieties must not be crossed with one another . In special cases, the national breeding associations can grant exceptions.

Individual evidence

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