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The auditory event direction is the definition of the direction of the heard sound source (the auditory event ), which is also referred to as directional localization.


Especially in stereo listening , the direction of the phantom sound sources on the loudspeaker base is referred to as the direction of the auditory event , i.e. on the connecting line between the stereo loudspeakers in the stereo triangle . The direction of the audio event is given as the deflection in percent from the stereo center, the center :

  • 100% = direction of a speaker: L (left) or R (right)
  • 50% = the direction of the audio event is exactly between the center and a loudspeaker: HL (half left) or HR (half right)
  • 0% = direction of the center.

Usually an equilateral stereo triangle is assumed. Viewed from the listener, the stereo speakers are then in the ± 30 ° direction (counted from the connecting line between the listener and the center).

The Hörereignisrichtung is determined by the Inter Channel - level- and - time differences of the loudspeaker signals . These in turn are mainly influenced by the type and placement of the microphones ; in pop music it will predominantly be the attitude of the panorama plate.

In loudspeaker stereophony , spectral differences , i.e. H. Avoid frequency- dependent level differences, as these lead to sound discoloration in the case of lateral sound incidence directions .

Conversion into the localization angle


  • Auditory event direction in percent
  • Localization angle in degrees .

Specifying the direction of the hearing event as a "localization angle in degrees" is very impractical because this angle changes constantly with the distance of the listener from the loudspeaker baseline. In contrast, the “direction of the hearing event in percent” remains unchanged as the deflection from the center of the loudspeaker base.

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