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Juliana Paes with a link chain made of precious metal

A necklace is a piece of jewelry . In its function as a chain of office , however, it goes beyond its aesthetic value. It is worn around the neck and is usually a handicraft product. Jewelry chains have been documented since prehistoric times.

Necklaces are documented as jewelery from the Paleolithic Age . There are different shapes and lengths. Short chains are provided with a clasp so that they can be put on and taken off. The necklace found in Glencurran Cave is a time of the Winkinger time.


The Maasai use necklaces as part of their traditional costume.

In addition to the purely metal chains, there are also cords on which pearls , shells or precious stones are strung. Furthermore, a metal chain or cord can also have a jewelery pendant (e.g. a cross) that hangs down in the front of the crook of the neck or (for women) in the cleavage . There are different types of jewelry chains depending on the shape of metal chain links .

Carrying methods

Long chains can also be put around the neck several times (usually twice). In either case , if the material is not too rigid , the strands will take the form of a chain line .


The collar , regionally also the choker , is also a piece of jewelry for the neck, but does not consist of a hanger. Other differences are their cultural and historical significance as well as their value and form. While collars fit snugly around the neck, necklaces lie loosely on the shoulders and fall onto the chest area. Collars remain almost circular when worn . From the etymology here is Collane Although a collar (see also Kollar ), practically there but are mostly necklaces.

Necklaces are elaborately made and a product of the goldsmith's craft, while mostly textile or leather collars are not. Another difference is that the necklaces are not used for BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission). However, collars are sometimes used synonymously for necklace when the collar is set with gemstones.


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