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Hanni Bjartalíð (* 1968 in Klaksvík , Faroe Islands ) is a Faroese painter living in Finland .


Hanni Bjartalíð studied art at The Nordic School of Art ("Nordiska Konstskolan") in Kokkola in Finland and now lives in Lahti . With his sometimes naive and very colorful pictures, he is an important representative of Faroese art . His pictures have been exhibited in the Scandinavian countries as well as in Germany.

„„ Bjartalíðs small pictures create a special intimacy, whereby all pictures are part of a narrative whole. The seemingly naivist, like comic or graffiti-looking drawings express a lightness and a sense of humor that stands in stark contrast to the concrete stories depicted in the pictures, pictures that are extremely serious and gloomy and at the same time general and universal. ““

- Malan Marnersdóttir : LIST - Faroese art . Listafelag Føroya, Tórshavn 2002, ISBN 99918-3-117-7 , pp. 9-10.


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