Hannoversche Zeitung (1943–1945)

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The Hannoversche Zeitung was a newspaper published in Hanover from 1943 to 1945 . It emerged on March 1, 1943 from the forced merger of the Hannoversche Anzeiger with the Lower Saxony daily newspaper . After the Kurier-Tageblatt was also incorporated from September 1, 1944 , the Hannoversche Zeitung was the only newspaper still published in Hanover.

From 1832 there was another, identical Hannoversche Zeitung .

A few days before the American troops marched into Hanover, under the heading “Lieber tot als Sklav”, Gauleiter Hartmann Lauterbacher read out an appeal to persevere on the radio the day before. The full-page article threatened:

"Whoever is not with us or cowards or treacherously should raise his hand against our just cause, who raises white flags and surrenders without a fight, is death."

The last edition of the Hannoversche Zeitung appeared on 7/8. April 1945.

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