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Hans-Henning Kortüm (born June 25, 1955 ) is a German historian .

Hans-Henning Kortüm studied German, history and economics at the University of Tübingen . There he received his doctorate in 1985 with a thesis on Richer von Reims supervised by Harald Zimmermann . His habilitation took place in 1991, also with Zimmermann in Tübingen, with a thesis on papal privileges from 896 to 1046. As the successor to Wilfried Hartmann , Kortüm has been professor of medieval history at the University of Regensburg since 1999 . A main focus of Kortüm's work is the research of the medieval war under cultural-scientific questions. In his habilitation, Kortüm was able to show that the privileges were not only influenced by the recipient in terms of content, but that “the linguistic design of large parts of the disposition , i.e. the material core of a document, very often went back directly to the recipient without any how one would actually expect that the Skriniar writing the document or even the issuing Datar would have exerted a recognizable influence for us ”.



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