Journal of Church History

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Journal of Church History

description Church history journal
Area of ​​Expertise Theology, history
language German English
publishing company Kohlhammer Verlag (Germany)
First edition 1877
Frequency of publication 3 issues a year
Editors-in-chief Johannes Helmrath , Marika Bacsóka , Franz Xaver Bishop
editor Bishop Francis Xavier , Irene Limodore , John Helmrath , Jochen-Christoph Kaiser , Volker Leppin , Klaus sub Burger , Ulrich Volp and Manfred wide Lauff
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Article archive Annual tables of contents (from 2003)
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The Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte is a specialist journal that deals with topics related to church history.

The magazine for church history was founded in 1877 by church historians and theologians Albrecht Ritschl , Theodor Brieger , Wilhelm Gaß and Hermann Reuter , and new series (so-called episodes ) were started four times . The magazine is published by Verlag W. Kohlhammer in three issues per year and is part of the Theology Department. Earlier publishers were Klotz and Perthes in Gotha . The issuing body is the Section for Church History of the German Association of Historians .

The editorial board currently (as of 2016) consists of Franz Xaver Bischof , Irene Dingel , Johannes Helmrath , Jochen-Christoph Kaiser , Volker Leppin , Klaus Unterburger , Ulrich Volp and Manfred Weitlauff . Former editors included Wolfgang Bienert , Andreas Holzem , Joachim Mehlhausen , Heiko A. Oberman , Rudolf Reinhardt , Wilhelm Schneemelcher , Georg Schwaiger , Erich Meuthen , Knut Schäferdiek and Karl Heinz zur Mühlen .

In addition to articles, reviews are also published in German and English. The editorial staff of the magazine is currently located at the chair for church and dogma history Ulrich Volps at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz for the essay part and for the reviews at the chair for church history Franz Xaver Bischof at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich .


  • 1st series: 1877–1918 (volumes 1–37)
  • 2nd series: 1920–1930 (volumes 1–10 = volumes 38–49)
  • 3rd series: 1931–1943 (volumes 1–13 = volumes 50–62)
  • 4th episode: from 1950 (volume 1 = volume 63; volumes 7 and 11 were incorrectly referred to as volumes 6 and 10)

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