Hans Bräuer

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Hans-Jürgen "Hans" Bräuer (* 1940 in Schönborn ; † 1993 ibid) was a German badminton player . In sports circles he was known as Hans Bräuer.


Hans Bräuer was one of the Tröbitzer badminton pioneers who determined the level of the East German badminton sport in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Bräuer was in 1960 at the championships of the Cottbus district with the team district champion with a 10: 1 against the second season winner TSG Lübbenau . In the following cross-regional qualification he prevailed with activist Tröbitz against tractor Hilbersdorf and the SG Gittersee. Tröbitz also won all the games in the GDR finals, which allowed Bräuer and colleagues to take the title of the first GDR team champion. In 1961 it was only enough for the team to win silver - which was also Bräuer's last medal success.

Hans Bräuer died in 1993 in his native Schönborn.

Sporting successes

event season discipline space Surname
GDR team championship 1959/1960 team 1 Activist Tröbitz
( Gottfried Seemann , Annemarie Fritzsche , Gerolf Seemann , Joachim Ecknig , Helga Krüger , Hans Bräuer, Klaus Vogel , Ina Peuten )
GDR team championship 1960/1961 team 2 Activist Tröbitz
( Gottfried Seemann , Hans Bräuer, Joachim Ecknig , Klaus Katzor , Gerolf Seemann , Annemarie Fritzsche , Helga Krüger )


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