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Hardthöhenkurier - The magazine for soldiers and defense technology
description Military journal
language German
publishing company K&K Medienverlag-Hardthöhe GmbH
Headquarters Bonn
First edition 1985
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Burghard Lindhorst
editor K&K Medienverlag-Hardthöhe GmbH
executive Director Thomas Bantle
Web link www.hardthoehenkurier.de
ISSN (print)

The Hardthöhenkurier - The Magazine for Soldiers and Defense Technology ( HHK ) is a German military magazine. It is published by K&K Medienverlag-Hardthöhe GmbH based in Bonn.

The magazine was named after the Hardthöhe in Bonn , the first official seat of the Federal Ministry of Defense . First of all, the Hardthöhenkurier was used by the non-commissioned officers in the Federal Ministry of Defense. V. (UK-BMVg) and later published by Klaus Karteusch. The addition "and defense technology" was added later. An issue usually has a good 100 pages. Regular sections of the magazine since issue 5/2019 have been politics, armed forces , news, defense technology and service. The editions since 2012 are freely available on the homepage.

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