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Felt slippers
Japanese toilet slippers
Slippers, made in the GDR around 1974
Leather slipper

Under slipper (Swiss: finch , Rhine: silts ) refers to any type of footwear with a sole (so no socks ), which is produced for use within the house or apartment. Slippers with heel are in the Austrian as slippers called, those without heel as slippers .


Slippers have been known since ancient times. Most of the slippers of the period were made of coarse, thick wool and were knitted . They were similar in style to today's slipper . The Roman Soccus, on the other hand, is not a knitted stocking, but a slipper-like slip-on shoe, which was initially the footwear of ancient comedy actors and was adopted by the Romans as a slipper, initially for women. It was made partly of fabric or entirely of leather .

In the Orient , slippers have been worn around the house for centuries. And in Japan , slippers are generally worn inside the home and are often exchanged for special toilet shoes when entering the toilet at home .


Common to all house shoe models is a relatively soft shaft and easy handling (often sandals or slippers to slip into). Since slippers are only worn in closed rooms and they do not have to withstand wetness, rough surfaces and dirt and they do not cover long distances, they can be made much lighter, simpler and softer than street shoes , which also protect the foot have a protective, supporting and guiding function. Soft leather, fabric, felt and knitted goods are therefore primarily used as materials for slippers . The bottom of the shoe is often thin, soft and flexible.

Typical house shoe models

  • simple wooden sandal with cross straps
  • English leather slippers made of high quality calfskin leather with a silk lining
  • Prince Albert slippers made of velvet with embroidered family crest (popular in Austria and Great Britain) and leather outsole
  • Slippers (most suitable made of wool felt or fulled felt made from natural hair)
  • sandal
  • Slipper
  • clog
  • Exercise shoe

Function and foot health

In addition to domestic comfort and protection of the floor covering, slippers are primarily used to keep the apartment clean. And since slippers are used as a change from everyday shoes, the aspect of foot health is also crucial:

  1. Sufficient space for the toes
  2. High breathability of the base and shaft materials used
  3. No or no high heels

Anyone who spends a lot of time in slippers should own two pairs and wear them alternately. This ensures that one pair can always ventilate while the other is being carried.


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