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Loki and Thiazi (transformed as a bird) from the manuscript NKS 1867 4to

The haustlǫng (in German Herbstlange ) is a scaldic poem of the genre picture poem , in particular belonging to the type of shield poem , by the Norwegian author Þjóðólfr ór Hvini , which he probably wrote around the year 900. Þjóðólfr deals in detail with the myths around the adventures of the god Loki with the giant Thiazi , and Thor's fight with Hrungnir .

The house length has come down to us today from Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda . Snorri quotes the house length to the extent of 20 stanzas in his "Skaldic textbook" Skáldskaparmál . The stanzas are written in the Dróttkvætt court tone . According to the title, it can be assumed that Þjóðólfr needed the autumn / winter period to write the poem and thus the original scope was probably larger than the verses quoted by Snorri make it appear.

From a certain Þorleifr, Þjóðólfr was given a shield on which scenes from the two myths around Thor and Loki are depicted in a presumably simple execution. These images encourage Þjóðólfr to decorate them with his rich mythological knowledge. Among other things, Þjóðólfr was so exemplary of the Skaldic poetry because he composed the seven stanzas of the Hrungnir myth solely on Thor elf Kenningar .


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