Hayman fire

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The Hayman Fire refers to a forest fire that raged in the US state of Colorado for more than three weeks in 2002. Triggered by an illegal campfire, it raged in Pikes Peak between Denver and Colorado Springs in June 2002 and destroyed an area of ​​around 55,000 hectares .

The forest fire was started on June 8th, 2002 by an illegal campfire and spread rapidly after a long period of drought and under constantly refreshing winds. The ghost town of Hayman, after which the fire was finally named, was identified as the origin . It caused around $ 40 million in damage, destroyed 133 houses and required the relocation of more than 5,000 people after the authorities had previously asked around 40,000 people to be ready for one. The fire approached the suburbs of Denver within up to 15 kilometers.

The most devastating Colorado forest fire was brought under control on July 2, 2002.