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Heeb - The New Jewish Review was an English-language magazine that was published in New York and founded in Brooklyn , NY in 2001 and now only exists in blog form. The medium sees itself as a pop culture magazine and articulates a new Jewish, self-deprecating and reflective self-image that goes beyond religion, Holocaust literature and folklore.

The term Heeb was an anti-Jewish swear word in the first half of the 20th century , comparable to the expression Negro or Nigger for Afro-American ( African American ). As a provocative reinterpretation of the meaning-worsening term, it can be understood as an artificial word composed of Hebrew and Hip , a "hip Jew".

Heeb is about a reflection on contemporary Jewish culture. Many articles play self-deprecatingly and sometimes provocatively with stereotypes about Judaism and Jewish society.

The main focus of the publication is on subculture , the culture industry , TV, radio, music, film and art; The target group is a young, urban, left-anarchist, secular audience.

Heeb received positive reactions in major US media - from the New York Times to CNN . The unconventional way in which the staplers deal with the complex issues of the Jewish identity debate was praised.

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