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Heidi Loibl (born January 4, 1942 in Schönau ( Erzgebirge )) is a German folk pop singer who appeared in the 1970s and 1980s with the duo Heidi & Karin and as a soloist from 1985. In total, she has sung and published 135 songs.


Heidi Loibl learned to play guitar and accordion at an early age. In her adopted home of Bietigheim-Bissingen , where she has lived since she was fifteen, Heidi Loibl sang with the Fischer Choirs from 1969 , where she met her future singing partner Karin. After a few appearances and solo performances with the Fischer Choirs, the two decided to perform as the singing duo "Heidi & Karin" in the future.

After a few failures and rejections from agencies, radio and television, they initially achieved no success with their three single records. But in 1972 Deutschlandfunk used the title Over the Summits of the Mountains in the program at that time, Competition for Notes . Heidi & Karin reached the 1st place and received an appearance on the TV show Funny Musicians .

Radio and television broadcasts followed, as well as tours of Germany, where they were accompanied by musicians from Egerland and the Bundeswehr staff band .

In 1985 the duo Heidi & Karin split up and Heidi Loibl began a solo career. In 1985 she released her first solo LP, Hallo Menschen, on the Bella Musica label . In 2005 she got cancer. From the beginning of 2013 she moderated a radio program on the Internet station Radio Schwabenwelle.


Discography "Singing duo Heidi & Karin"


  • With songs and sounds through the homeland in 1973
  • From the torrent to the Titisee in 1974
  • Over the peaks of the mountains (double LP) 1975
  • Two funny musicians 1978
  • Her greatest successes in 1979


  • Over the peaks of the mountains in 1972
  • White Christmas in the Mountains 1973
  • The old Spessart mill in 1974
  • Greetings from Bohemia 1976
  • Snow white and rose red 1977
  • There where the woods are green 1982

Discography "Heidi Loibl"


  • Hello people (LP, Bella Musica) 1985
  • Play this tune again (CD, Bella Musica) 1995
  • Even a prince is only human (CD) 1996
  • A life full of sunshine (CD, Bella Musica) 1997
  • You are the sun (CD) 2002
  • Lots of little dreams (CD) 2007
  • Once a miracle will happen (CD) 2012
  • From spring to Christmas time (CD) 2013


  • I come to you with my wishes in 1985
  • To be free means to be lonely (with Enrico Costa) 1986
  • The marriage compliment (I love you) 1988
  • Simply being happy 1993
  • To be free means to be lonely in 1994
  • I sing a song for grandpa in 1994
  • Two hearts - two souls 1995
  • Give me your feeling (CD single) 2000
  • Das Heimatlied (Bietigheim-Bissingen) (single CD) 2004

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