Heinrich Bach (organist)

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Heinrich Bach (* 16 September July / 26 September  1615 greg. In Wechmar ; † 10 July July / 20 July  1692 greg. In Arnstadt ) was a German organist from the Bach family .


Heinrich is the progenitor of the so-called Arnstadt line of the Bach family of musicians. After the death of his father Johannes Bach , his eldest brother Johann took over the further education and instructed him to play the organ. In 1635 he joined the Erfurt Council Musician Compagnie led by Johann Bach and was a council musician in Erfurt from 1635 to 1641. In 1641 he was appointed organist at the Arnstädter Liebfrauen- und Oberkirche , which he held until his death. In 1642 he married Eva, the younger daughter of the Suhl town piper Hoffmann, whose older sister Barbara was Johann Bach's first wife. The marriage resulted in six children, including three musically gifted sons.

Preserved works

Only a few compositions by Heinrich Bach have survived, including:

  • I thank you god
  • Kyrie
  • Two sonatas of 5
  • Since Christ stood on the cross
  • Have mercy on me, O Lord God


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