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Heinrich Rupert Puchner (born July 11, 1865 in Reichenhall , † July 21, 1938 in Munich ) was a German soil scientist and agricultural technician .


Puchner studied agriculture at the Technical University of Munich from 1885 to 1888 and became a member of the Corps Rheno-Palatia Munich in 1885 . In 1889 he received his doctorate from the University of Leipzig with a dissertation on the coherence of soil types. From 1890 he worked as a scientific assistant to the agricultural scientist Ewald Wollny at the Technical University in Munich.

In 1894 Puchner took over a teaching position at the Agricultural Central School (from 1895: Royal Bavarian Academy for Agriculture and Brewery; from 1930: Agricultural Department of the Technical University of Munich) in Weihenstephan . In 1900 he was appointed professor. Until his retirement in 1934 he represented the subjects of soil science, crop production and agricultural engineering. At the same time he was head of the test center for agricultural equipment and machines and since 1925 board member of the newly founded state institute for agricultural machinery. He published several articles on soil structure and agricultural machinery. The book “ Soil Science for Farmers ... ”, published in 1923 and comprising over 700 printed pages, is considered to be his main scientific work.


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