Heinrich XXVIII. Reuss to Köstritz

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Heinrich XXVIII. Prince Reuss zu Köstritz , also Heinrich XXVIII. Prince Reuss j. L. (born June 3, 1859 in Stonsdorf , today Staniszów; † May 8, 1924 in Berlin ) was a German nobleman from the Reuss-Köstritz branch of the "younger line" of the Reuss Princely House . In 1908 he renounced the title and was Count von Dürrenberg ever since .


His parents were Prince Heinrich XII. Reuss zu Köstritz (1829–1866) and Princess Anna, b. Countess von Hochberg and Freiin zu Fürstenstein (1839–1916).

Prince Heinrich XXVIII. married Countess Magdalene zu Solms-Laubach (1863–1925) in Laubach on September 18, 1884 , a daughter of Count Friedrich zu Solms-Laubach and his wife Marianne, née. Countess of Stolberg-Wernigerode. The marriage was divorced on June 4, 1907. The couple had three children:

  • Heinrich XXXIV. Prince Reuss (1887–1956)
  • Heinrich XXXVI. Prince Reuss (1888–1956)
  • Benigna Princess Reuss (1892–1983)

Prince Heinrich XXVIII. belonged to the Prussian mansion from 1898 .

Prince Heinrich XXVIII. renounced the princely title for himself and became Count of Dürrenberg through Reussian award (July 15, 1908 in Ebersdorf ) , and married the bourgeois Mary Grace Sawyer (1874-1958) on October 12, 1908 in London in a morganatic marriage .

Note: The Roman census of the non-ruling members of the House of Reuss also serves to distinguish them, since for centuries all male family members had the name Heinrich. The numbers were assigned chronologically in the younger line across the secondary lines and reset at the beginning of the century. The number in the name therefore does not, as is otherwise usual, indicate a function as a ruler.


Prince Heinrich XXVIII. published two textbooks that today give interesting information about everyday life in the high nobility of the German Empire from a cultural and historical perspective : The correct coachman. Manual for equipage owners and their coachmen (Berlin 1890) and The correct servant. Handbook for masters and their servants (Berlin 1900, 2nd edition 1908).

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