Helios Ridge

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Helios Ridge
location Victoria Land , East Antarctica
part of Olympus Range in the Transantarctic Mountains
Helios Ridge (Antarctica)
Helios Ridge
Coordinates 77 ° 26 ′  S , 162 ° 29 ′  E Coordinates: 77 ° 26 ′  S , 162 ° 29 ′  E

Helios Ridge is a wide and 7 km long mountain ridge in the East Antarctic Victoria Land . In the Olympus Range of the Transantarctic Mountains , it extends from Mount Helios in an east-northeast direction in the vicinity of Lake Brownworth and rises between the eastern flank of the mouth of the Clark Glacier and the Wright Valley . Meltwater streams flow around it in an easterly direction before flowing into the Onyx River .

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named him in 1997 based on the name of Mount Helios. Its namesake is Helios , the sun god from Greek mythology.

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