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Hellmut Arnold (born October 26, 1912 in Kiel , † June 19, 1986 in Fjone , Norway ) was a German geologist and paleontologist. He was at the Geological State Office of North Rhine-Westphalia and dealt particularly with the chalk of the Münsterland ( stratigraphy , paleontology ).


Arnold was the son of an engineer and, after graduating from high school in 1932, studied geology in Tübingen, Kiel (1933/34) and Breslau, where he received his doctorate in 1937 (The periglacial erosion in the Owl Mountains ). After a short assistantship in Aachen with Hans Breddin (1900–1973), he went to the Prussian State Geological Institute (PGLA) in 1938 , where he was involved in the geophysical survey of the empire in Mecklenburg and Lower Austria. From 1941 he was a military geologist in Russia and Southeast Europe and after a brief Soviet prisoner of war from 1945 at the Hygiene Institute in Hamburg. At the end of the 1940s he mapped on a fee basis on behalf of the state in the Münsterland and was employed from 1950 at the Geological State Office of North Rhine-Westphalia with mapping in the Münsterland, Gelsenkirchen and Bielefeld. He also advised the coal mining industry on the chalk overburden. In 1961 he became head of department in the geological survey of East Westphalia and from 1964 also for the Münsterland. Most recently, he was regional geologist and geology director, and in 1975 he took early retirement for health reasons. He died in 1986 while on vacation in Norway.

He was involved in the 1: 200,000 geological maps of Hanover and Bielefeld and the 1: 100,000 geological maps of Gütersloh and Münster (1959, with explanations in 1960 together with H. Bode, Heinrich Wortmann and contributions by Herbert Karrenberg , Rolf Teichmüller ).


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