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Hilde Firtel (* 1910 in Vienna ; † 1991 ) was an Austrian author, translator and composer.


Hilde Firtel came from a Jewish family and converted to Catholicism. At first she wanted to be a musician and lived - due to the “ Anschluss of Austria ” to Hitler's Germany - in Italy and then in Great Britain, where she got to know the Legio Mariae . In 1945 she was able to go to Germany as a legionary envoy as a member of the United States Army and built the Legio Mariae there in all dioceses.


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  • Three piano pieces: Elflein on the Heide , Im Zaubergarten , Herzentanz (“Dedicated to my dear father.” Christmas 1926).
  • Three piano pieces: Overture , Elegy , Danse Russe .
  • Five songs for soprano and chamber orchestra: Golden light , My soul is sick , Blooming jasmine , In the folds of my blue dress , The autumn wind .
  • Duet for soprano and alto with piano: In the bright summer nights.
  • Concerto for piano and orchestra.

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  1. All of her compositions known to date can be found in the Frau und Musik archive in Frankfurt am Main, accessible via Archivs-Opac .