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Helmut Wohlschlägl (born August 28, 1949 ) is an Austrian geographer and geography educator. Wohlschlägl is a university professor i. R. for regional geography at the University of Vienna .


After studying geography and history at the University of Vienna , Wohlschlägl passed the teaching examination. Since 1974 he has been a research assistant at the Institute for Geography at the chair for human and population geography with Ernest Troger (1926–1988). He received his doctorate in 1984 with a thesis in the field of geographic tourism and leisure research ("Guest structure and spatial distribution of guest groups in a center of long-term recreational tourism - Krumpendorf am Wörthersee") and completed his habilitation in 1988 in the fields of human geography and specialist geography didactics at the university Vienna with a geographic habilitation thesis from the field of Third World research in Southeast Asia (“Course, spatial differentiation and determinants of the decline in fertility in Thailand - a geographic case study against the background of theoretical concepts and empirical findings on the change in generative behavior in the third World.")

In 1991 he was appointed associate professor for regional geography at the Institute for Geography at the University of Vienna (successor to Ernest Troger), with the task of overseeing the subject didactics. Here one of his main research areas was migration research, Southeast Asia; later, however, influenced by Wolfgang Sitte , the subject didactics of geography and economics , which he also significantly promoted as head of the institute in the following decades and contributed to its positioning in Austria. Since 1999 he has also been the editor of an eight-volume Austrian GW textbook series ( Durchblick ).

In 2014 he retired and was elected President of the Austrian Geographical Society . A detailed commendation article on his 70th birthday can be found in the Austrian magazine "GW-Lehr" H. 155/2019


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