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Henri Laurent Dupuy de Lôme

Stanislas Charles Henri Laurent Dupuy de Lôme (born October 15, 1816 in Ploemeur near Lorient , France , † February 1, 1885 in Paris ) was a French naval engineer and politician. Among other things, in 1859 he constructed the world's first ironclad with the La Gloire .


Model of the La Gloire , the world's first armored battleship

Henry Laurent entered the École polytechnique in 1835 and devoted himself to marine engineering. Sent to England by the government in 1842 to study the construction of iron ships, he reported on his experiences, especially those with the construction of the wheel frigate Guadeloupe , in the "Mémoire sur la construction des bâtiments en fer" (Par. 1844) which the first French ship of its kind was built in Toulon . For a long time he was tasked with inspecting steamships in Toulon. In 1853 he became a first-class engineer, in 1857 he was appointed to the Ministry of the Navy, and subsequently became Inspector General of the Navy and Director of Shipbuilding.

In 1866 he was accepted into the Académie des Sciences in Paris.


Dupuy de Lôme made great contributions to the development of the French fleet in the 19th century. He built the first large screw-line ship from 1848 to 1852, converted the old war sailing ships into modern steamers and, in 1859, created the first deep-sea armored ship, the La Gloire , whose appearance heralded a new era. The two ships he designed, Magenta and Solférino, were the only broadside ships with two battery decks that were built, as well as the first ironclad ships with ram ram .

He reorganized the workshops and shipyards in Marseille and constructed a new form of package boat for the “Compagnie des Messageries impériales” . He also constructed a new type of ship engine . In the course of the siege of Paris he was a member of the committee for the defense of the fortresses from 1870. Here de Lôme mainly dealt with the conception of an airship financed by a government loan . Only after the end of the war was this airship tested for the first time in 1872. It is true that the ship has shown a significant improvement on the prevailing balloon technology. Nevertheless, the concept did not prevail - in particular, the airship still lagged behind the technical capabilities of Henri Giffard's airship .

As part of the development of submarines in France, Henri Dupuy de Lôme, together with Gustave Zédé, developed a battery-powered submarine called Gymnote , which was built in Toulon .

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