Hermes glacier

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Hermes glacier
location Palmerland , Antarctic Peninsula
length 13 km
Coordinates 69 ° 3 ′  S , 65 ° 8 ′  W Coordinates: 69 ° 3 ′  S , 65 ° 8 ′  W
Hermes Glacier (Antarctic Peninsula)
Hermes glacier
drainage Weyerhaeuser Glacier

The Hermes Glacier is a 13 km long glacier in the north of the Palmerland on the Antarctic Peninsula . It flows in a westerly direction to the Weyerhaeuser Glacier and is one of the glaciers that limit the Wakefield Highland to the north.

The Falklands Island Dependencies Survey discovered the glacier in 1960 after a series of previously unsuccessful attempts to find a route to the Earnshaw Glacier . It represented an ideal route through known territory, which is why the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee named it in 1962 after Hermes , the patron god of travelers from Greek mythology. Numerous other objects in the area are also named after Greek deities.

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