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Herse stands for:

People in Greek mythology:

Herse is the family name of the following people:

  • Hans Herse (1855–1939), German painter
  • Henrik Herse (1895–1953), German writer and member of the Waffen SS
  • Jaroslaw Herse (1837–1909), German lawyer and politician
  • Johann Wolthus von Herse (also Waldhaus von Heerse; † 1471 or 1472), from 1470 to 1471 Master of the Order of the Brothers of the Sword (Fratres miliciae Christi de Livonia)
  • Lyli Herse (1928–2018), French racing cyclist
  • René Herse (1908–1976), French bicycle manufacturer
  • Wilhelm Herse (1879–1965), German librarian and archivist