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The cardiac surgery is a 1993 independent specialty that has developed in the 20th century with the specialty of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. It deals with the surgical treatment of congenital and acquired diseases and injuries to the heart and the vessels near the heart. It is therefore a subject closely related to cardiology and vascular surgery. Transplants play a big role; however, the most common operations are coronary artery bypasses and interventions on the heart valves. Closely related subjects are thoracic and vascular surgery , cardiology and pediatric cardiology . In the context of cardiac surgical intensive care medicine there is also an overlap with anesthesiology .

Cardiac surgery specialist

In order to work as a specialist in cardiac surgery after completing a medical degree in Germany , six years of advanced training are required. Of these, 24 months are basic surgical training ( common trunk ). This is followed by 48 months of specialist training in cardiac surgery. The following are eligible for this:

After completing specialist training, it is possible to acquire certificates in three individual sub-disciplines of cardiac surgery after further training. Currently these are according to the guidelines of the German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery :


In 2004, a total of 96,340 heart operations were performed in 78 cardiac surgery clinics in Germany using the heart-lung machine , corresponding to 1,168 operations per 1 million population. The most common is coronary artery bypass .

In 2014, 872 doctors with the field of cardiac surgery and 47 with the focus on thoracic and cardiovascular surgery were registered with the German Medical Association .


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