Hill (moon crater)

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Sinus Amoris + Lacus Bonitatis - LROC - WAC.JPG
Hill (middle), Carmichael and surroundings ( LROC -WAC)
Hill (moon equatorial region)
position 20.9 °  N , 40.8 °  E Coordinates: 20 ° 54 '0 "  N , 40 ° 48' 0"  E
diameter 16 km
depth 3830 m
Card sheet 43 (PDF)
Named after George William Hill (1838-1914)
Named since 1973
Unless otherwise stated, the information comes from the entry in the IAU / USGS database


Hill Crater (right) as captured by Apollo 15 ( NASA photo)

Hill is an impact crater near the eastern edge of Sinus Amoris and lies in the northeast quadrant on the front of the moon . Within a few crater diameters to the south-southwest lies the Carmichael crater . To the east is the conspicuous Macrobius . Hill is essentially circular in shape, with a small plain in the center of the sloping inner walls. Compared to the surroundings, the inner slopes have a relatively high albedo . The crater itself is free of noticeable impact marks on the rim or inside and does not differ from many similar moon craters.

Before his name change by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1973 contributed Hill the name Macrobius B .

Individual evidence

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