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Hoamatgsang is a song in Upper Austrian or Middle Bavarian dialect. On November 29, 1952 has been approved by Parliament of Upper Austria for the national anthem says.

The text was written by Franz Stelzhamer in 1841, and written by Hans Schnopfhagen am Hansberg in 1884 .


Hoamatgsang (Hymne OÖ) .png

High German translation of the text:

Homeland, homeland, I love you as
much as a child is his mother, a puppy is its
master, like a child is its mother, a puppy is its master.

I ran through the valley, I lay on the hill
And your sun dried me after your rain had wet me.

At home is at home, if you don't have to go away, stay that way,
because home is more like the second womb.

In addition to these three stanzas, there are another five that are between the second and the third here. However, these are usually not sung to keep the song short.


<< \ new Voice = "melody" \ relative c '' {\ autoBeamOff% \ voiceOne \ key e \ major \ language "deutsch" \ time 3/4 \ partial 4 gis8.  a16 g sharp4.  (f sharp 8) c sharp 8.  dc16 c sharp4 (h) g sharp'8.  (a16) g sharp4.  f sharp8 h8.  (cis16) h2 h8.  his16 cis4.  a8 f sharp ([c sharp ')] h4.  g sharp8 e [(a)] g sharp4.  fis8 h, ([h ')] h2 h8.  h16 e8 [(h)] g sharp8 [(e)] c sharp8 [(h)] h4 ea g sharp4.  fis8 cis8 [(dis)] e2 \ bar "|."  } \ new Lyrics \ lyricsto "melody" {Hoa - mat - land, Hoa - mat - land!  Di han I so much like a child to be his mother, to be a puppy, to be master, to be a child to be his mother, to be a puppy, to be master.  } >>

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