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Young people with a hobby horse jumping over an obstacle
Hobby Horse
Hobby Horse with English bridle

Hobby Horsing (from English Hobbyhorse originally " Hobby Horse ", also "Leisure activity ") is a sport with gymnastics elements , in which movements similar to those in show jumping or dressage are partially simulated in courses without real horses being used. Instead, the participants mainly use self-made hobby horses .

In Finland , the country of origin of the sport, there is an annual national championship in addition to regional competitions. This sport, which can be assigned to fun and trend sports, is very popular , especially among girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 18, and is also gaining popularity in other parts of Europe beyond the other Scandinavian countries.

While “real riders” may perceive the sport as a childish pastime, Fred Sundwall, Secretary General of the Finnish Equestrian Federation, rates it positively: “We think it's wonderful that hobby horsing has become a phenomenon and so popular.” “There is the children and teenagers who do not have horses the chance to interact with them outside of stables and riding schools. "

Hobby Horse

Most Hobby Horses are sewn by hand. They are usually made from two halves of the head, which have an opening on the lower side, and a strip in the middle, and are filled with polyfill. The stick usually has a length of around 15 cm from the opening. Many hobby horsers design their hobby horses in the style of equestrian sport with elements such as bridles, breastplates, halters and ropes.


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