Meersburg Court Court

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Meersburg Castle, seat of the court

The court court of Meersburg was one of the four court courts in the Grand Duchy of Baden from 1813 to 1836 and thus the intermediate court for the Seekreis based in Meersburg .


The Meersburg court was established in 1813 as the fourth court in Baden. It supplemented the existing court courts of Freiburg (for the province of the Upper Rhine), Rastatt (for the province of the Middle Rhine) and Mannheim (for the province of the Lower Rhine). The four court courts were subordinate to the " Oberhofgericht for the Electorate of Baden " with seat in Mannheim .

In civil matters, the court court was the first instance for the members of the grand ducal and noble families and the upper court servants and ministers. It was also a court of second instance. An appeal to the court court was possible from a value in dispute of 100 guilders .

In criminal matters, the court court was responsible if, on the one hand, sentences of more than 4 weeks in prison were to be imposed and it was not a case of capital crimes that were dealt with directly by the court of higher courts. Here, too, it was the appellate body for criminal judgments from the entrance courts.

The following offices were subordinate to the court court of Meersburg as entrance courts.

Sovereign offices
  • Office of Constance
  • Office Meersburg
  • Office Blumenfeld
  • Office Bonndorf
  • Office of Bräunlingen
  • Office Pfullendorf
  • Radolfzell Office
  • Stockach Office
  • Office Überlingen
  • Office Villingen

From 1823 there was also a patrimonial jurisdiction in the civil offices . The court court of Meersburg or the court of higher court was also the court of appeal for these offices.

Statutory offices
  • Office Salem
  • Office of Stetten
  • Office Engen
  • Heiligenberg Office
  • Office of Hüfingen
  • Office Möhringen
  • Messkirch office
  • Neustadt Office
  • Office of Stühlingen

In 1836 the Meersburg court was relocated to Constance .


The court had its seat in the castle Meersburg .


  • Anton Wolff (councilor at Meersburg court from 1819, director from 1825, president until 1835)

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