Hoodoo (magic)

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Hoodoo [read Hudu] is a religious doctrine with magical rituals that are in rural southern states of the United States under the African-American developed population. Hoodoo combines elements of African and Indian magic, but also took on other, such as European influences.

Hoodoo followers believe that they can influence many situations in daily life with the help of supernatural powers. Hoodoo practices include: B. prophecies , imprecations , the treatment of illnesses and amulets or talismans , which are supposed to protect against disaster or bring luck.

Often times , hoodoo and voodoo are considered synonyms , and both terms may have a common etymology as well . While both practices share common elements, they are different. Hoodoo is probably influenced by Voodoo, but in contrast to it it is not an established religion with fixed structures. Hoodoo is a magical tradition with no specific religious background. While Voodoo has Catholic influences (for example, Catholic saints are identified with African deities), Hoodoo is more influenced by Protestantism . In the hoodoo, the Bible is considered a great book of magic, especially Moses is considered a powerful conjurer. The creation of the world through God's word is the hoodoo's first and highest magic work. A common Bible-related practice is, for example, to use a psalm as a defense spell against enemies by opening a Bible on the corresponding page and placing it in a certain direction.

A well-known hoodoo practice is wearing a mojo , a cloth bag that is hidden under clothing and filled with magical ingredients. A mojo protects against disaster or brings luck, for example when playing or in love.

Reception in popular culture

Like the mojo, hoodoo itself is often quoted in the blues . Examples are the songs Hoodoo Man by Junior Wells , Hoodoo Man by Birth Control , Hoodoo Woman by Memphis, Minnie Hoodoo Woman by Krokus or Hoodoo by the British band Muse . In addition, the word hoodoo is often used in the song Born on the Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival .

Hoodoo plays a crucial role in the film " The Skeleton Key " (The Skeleton Key) in 2005 with Kate Hudson in the lead role. It also plays a role, albeit an insignificant one, in the series “ Supernatural ” with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki .