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The Hou Hanshu ( Chinese  後 漢書  /  后 汉书 , Pinyin Hòu Hànshū ) or writings of the Later Han is one of the recognized sources of Chinese history. It was in the 5th century by Fan Ye compiled based on numerous older documents and treated in 90 chapters the history of the Later Han Dynasty 25-220 n. Chr.

The work is the third of the 24 dynasty stories and comprises 120 scrolls / volumes ( , juǎn ). It is in third place in this canon after the records of the Great Historian and the Book of Han , before the Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms . Fan Ye refers to previous historians including Sima Qian and Ban Gu . The works of many other historians, he accepts even under their original titles, such as the records of Han from the Eastern stay by different contemporary authors of the 2nd century or the records of the Later Han of Yuanhong from the 4th century who have gone partially lost . The last 30 volumes of Hou Hanshu are taken from the continuation of the Book of the Han by Sima Biao from the 3rd century; this happened under the leadership of Liu Zhao , who graduated from Hou Hanshu in the 6th century .

For the cultural and socio-ecological reports from Central Asia , the records of the Western Regions of Ban Yong (127), which are contained in volume 88 of the Hou Hanshu , were authoritative. However, it was corrected by Fan Ye, who notes at the end of the chapter that he has revised some data from the western regions.


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