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Hugo Strötbaum (* 15. April 1946 in Gouda ) is a Dutch emeritus professor of Turkish language at the Radboud University Nijmegen and Discography - Author particular the history of shellac records and their producers. His special research areas include the history of the record and gramophone manufacturer Favorite Record and its musical recordings from the Orient (see under Writings ).

Fonts (selection)

  • Seventy-eight revolution per minute in the Levant. Discography of Favorite's oriental recordings (English), 4th edition, rev. and enlarged, Utrecht: Strötbaum, 1993 (Dutch)
  • Favorite: 1904-1914. Often times the relaas van de ongrijpbare q series. In: De Weergever , 17e jaargang No. 6 - november-december 1995, pp. 243–265 (Dutch)
  • De Geschiedenis van Favorite: 1904-1914 , deel 2. Deopbouw van het catalog number (= facenumber); achtergrondinformatie over de company 'Favorite'. In: De Weergever , 18e jaargang No. 1 - januari-februari 1996, pp. 2–22 (Dutch)
  • De Geschiedenis van Favorite: 1904-1914, deel 3 (slot). Voorlopig overzicht van de opnamesessies van Favorite, 1904-1914 . In: De Weergever , 18e jaargang No. 2 - maart-april 1996, pp. 51-71
  • Favorite revisited. An update (English), text for the 9th Discografentag under the heading Die Lindström-Story , Utrecht, May 2008; downloadable as a PDF document from

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