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Humphrey Davy Findley Kitto (born February 6, 1897 in Stroud , Gloucestershire , † January 21, 1982 in Bristol ) was a British classical scholar .


Kitto received his first lectureship in Greek Philology in 1920 at the University of Bristol . There he received the professorship for Greek Philology in 1944 , which he held until his retirement in 1962. In 1955 he was elected a member ( Fellow ) of the British Academy .

In his scientific work, Kitto dealt intensively with the Greek tragedians. In addition to some scientific studies, he published a. a. Translations of the Sophocles dramas Antigone , Elektra and Oedipus Rex .

The illustration he wrote in 1951 The Greeks. From the Reality of a Historical Model offers a detailed overview of ancient Greek culture and equally deals with topics from social, military and religious history. The book was published several times in different languages ​​and is still considered a standard work today.

Work (selection)

  • Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study . London 1939.
  • The Greeks . London 1951 (German. The Greeks. From the reality of a historical model. Stuttgart 1957).
  • Form and meaning in drama . London 1956.
  • Poiesis: Structure and Thought (Sather Classical Lectures) . Berkeley 1966.


  • NGL Hammond: Humphrey Davy Findlay Kitto, 1897-1982 . In: Proceedings of the British Academy . tape 68 , 1982, pp. 585-590 ( [PDF]).

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