IEC 60228

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Logo of the German Institute for Standardization DIN EN 60228
Area Electrical engineering
title Conductors for cables and insulated lines
Brief description: Conductor cross-sections
Latest edition 2005-09
ISO IEC 60228

IEC 60228 is the international standard for the designation of the conductor cross-section of insulated cables. In particular, a standard table for conductor cross-sections is defined as follows:

Internationally standardized conductor cross-sections (IEC 60228)
0.5 mm² 0.75 mm² 1 mm² 1.5 mm² 2.5 mm² 4 mm²
6 mm² 10 mm² 16 mm² 25 mm² 35 mm² 50 mm²
70 mm² 95 mm² 120 mm² 150 mm² 185 mm² 240 mm²
300 mm² 400 mm² 500 mm² 630 mm² 800 mm² 1000 mm²

In electrical engineering , the designation of the cross-section is generally more useful than that of the diameter , because the strength, mass and resistance of a cable depend on the cross-section as well as the current that the cable can carry without overheating. Minimum cross-sections are prescribed for many applications. The standard describes various aspects of the conductors of insulated cables.

Other names

The IEC 60228 is equivalent to:

  • CEI 60228
  • EN 60228

In Germany the standard is valid as DIN standard DIN EN 60228 or VDE 0295 .

Leader classes

The specification of the class according to IEC 60228 (DIN VDE 0295) refers to the flexibility of the conductor. A statement about the type of use does not result directly from the conductor class. While multi-wire cables are mainly used in portable installations due to their flexibility, certain fine-wire cables are only intended for fixed, immobile installation (e.g. core lines or cables in vehicle, ship and aircraft construction as well as for high-frequency applications ).

class construction Abbreviation for
Power cable
DIN VDE 0271/0276
1 solid z. B. round-single-wire or
re, se -U, -W
2 stranded z. B. round multi-wire or
sector-shaped multi-wire
rm, sm -R, -S
5 finely stranded colloquially
"flexible" only copper
(f) -K, -F, -D
6th finely stranded colloquially
"highly flexible" only copper
(ff) -H, -E

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