Iacobus Gothofredus

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Iacobus Gothofredus

Jacques Godefroy (lat. Iacobus Gothofredus ) (born September 13, 1587 in Geneva ; † June 23, 1652 in Geneva) was a lawyer and politician and editor of the Codex Theodosianus .


Jacques Godefroy was born to Denis Godefroy and his wife Denise de Saint Yon. He grew up in the Calvinist faith. He studied law and history in Paris and Bourges . In Bourges he received his doctorate. jur. After completing his studies, he returned to Geneva in 1616 and brought out an annotated Cicero edition and in 1617 a collection of the Julian and Papinian laws. In 1619 he became a professor at the Geneva Academy (forerunner of Geneva University ) and a member of the Council of Two Hundred - a kind of municipal council. In 1622 he sat in the Council of Sixty and in 1629 in the Small Council. In 1632 he gave up the teaching post after being made state clerk (1632–36). As head of the magistrate (mayor; syndicus) (1637, 1641, 1645 and 1649) he was on several diplomatic missions: in Switzerland (Baden 1641), in Piedmont (1632), in France (1634, 1636, 1643) . He also lectured in law at the Geneva Academy .

Godefroy was married twice: in 1618 he married Marie Graffard, in 1640 he married Susanne de Croso.


De statu paganorum sub christianis imperatoribus: seu commentarius ad titulum X de paganis libri XVI codicis Theodosiani , 1616

His most important work was the publication of a critical and commented text of the " Codex Theodosianus ", a collection of laws that had become the basis of the legal system in the successor states of the Roman Empire . The printed edition was published in Lyon (four volumes) in 1665, 13 years after his death. Reprint Leipzig (six volumes), 1736–1745.

Another important work was the reconstruction of the Twelve Tables Law (early Roman law).

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