Idiom (Graubünden Romance)

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An idiom of the Swiss canton of Grisons spoken Romansh (Romansh) language is a written language standard language variety , which each for a regionally coherent group of community varying to community spoken dialects a standardized spelling is.

Definition of terms

The terms “idiom” for a written language and “dialect” for the spoken language are thus juxtaposed here. In addition, the term "idiom" used in this way contrasts with the term " Rumantsch Grischun ", which designates a uniform written language created in 1982 for the entire Romansh language area in Graubünden, which has been one of the four official languages of Switzerland since 1996 . The Rumantsch Grischun was supposed to replace the idioms as literacy and local authority language, but this was not generally accepted, so that since 2012 the idioms have been used again in school lessons and again increasingly in public areas (information boards, etc.).

Rumantschia idioms

There are five Rumantschia idioms :


Individual evidence

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