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Illus ( ancient Greek Ἰλλός , with full name Flavius ​​Illus ; † 488 ) was an Eastern Roman general of Isaurian origin, who played an important role in the reign of the emperors Zenon and Basiliscus .

Illus and his brother Trocundes supported the revolt of Basiliscus against Zenon in January 475, but then switched sides to enable Zenon to return from exile (August 476). At first he remained loyal to Zeno ( consulate 478; suppression of the usurper Marcianus 479), but at times stood in opposition to the emperor's widow Verina . As a result of a dispute over Zenon's younger brother Flavius ​​Longinus , Illus was declared an enemy of the state in 483 , which he responded with open rebellion and the proclamation of Leontius as counter-emperor (484). The uprising was put down in 488 after four years of civil war, with Illus being killed.

According to an inscription there, the ruins of Akkale in Cilicia near Elaiussa Sebaste are regarded as the palace and domain of the Illus.



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